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The controversial issue of nuclear power includes many risks for humans and the environment. We would therefore like to live as far away as possible from the nuclear installations. But do you know just how far away from you is the nearest nuclear power plant, repository or the next research reactor? Where and when did the last nuclear test take place? - You will be amazed how many there were! The Nuclear Map is a global nuclear energy directory which finds the next nuclear power station, no matter how far away it is. What type of reactor is used there? Is it active? Who are the operators? How long has the reactor been in use? The map with the localization option shows the next nuclear power plant, repository as well as explosion locations. Distance information and a list of additional nuclear power plants worldwide will give you information on these important issues. Radioactivity and radiation are issues that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Stay informed!

Naturally you can also simply use the search function, or navigate with your mouse on the interactive map to search in any region worldwide.

Nuclear Map has information about:

  • Countries: 50
  • locations: 722

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